Tuesday, February 3, 2015

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Series


It's Skin Power 10 Formula Series
RM 45 only

VC Effector - Brightening serum containing vitamin C and green tea components suppresses the formation of freckles that can make skin look dull and dark, and tightens pores to leave skin fair and luminous.

CO Effector - Collagen serum concentrated with vegetable collagen extracts hydrates the skin from the inside, giving it a look of effervescence and resilience immediately after applying.

YE Effector - Serum containing yeast extracts that promote cell growth and differentiation to restore rhythm and keep the skin clear and lucid at all times.

WH Effector - Whitening essence containing Arbutin with whitening agents which aggressively tackles dark and somber skin tone.

Q10 Effector - A serum containing Coenzyme Q10, the energy component within the skin, which is locked within micro capsules to restore the skin with lost vitality and resilience.

PO Effector - Silky essence especially designed to treat pores, containing highly concentrated Houttuynia cordata extracts with the superior function of sebum control and 4 other ingredients combined to tighten pores for the management of pores.

WR Effector - Essence containing caviar and mistletoe extract; can reap the synergy effects of wrinkle care and resilience functions of adenosine, which visibly diminishes creases and recovers the lost resilience of skin to give a youthful look.

VB Effector - Oil free essence containing Vitamin B6 which controls the secretion of sebum. Also balances the natural moisture and oils and mitigating any skin.

GF Effector - Serum containing GF-Biopolymer and natural moisturizers with superior moisturizing effects and skin relief agents, working in synergy to relieve dry and oversensitive skin to keep it hydrated.

VE Effector - Essence containing vitamin E (tocopherol) capsules that directly provides nutrients and moisture to the skin to make it look lustrous and smooth.

LI Effector - Concentrated serum contains licorice extract which has a brightening effect to tone reddened and somber skin caused by UV rays and skin troubles.


How to Use:

After adjusting your skin with toner, apply moderate amount (2 to 3 times with pipette) on face and neck gently.

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